Traps of HCG diet that you need to avoid

hcg-14Like with every program that you do, there are a number of traps associated with the HCG diet as well. There are some things, some mistakes that people tend to do and that can be quite detrimental for the success of the diet and for the results that you were expecting. We would like to take a look at some of the most common mistakes people do when undergoing an HCG diet.

The first of these would be not finding the right product and/or choosing the wrong one. For example, some people still think that the only way to get HCG is wit injections. They spend thousands of dollars on injections and they get their behinds punctured so many times that they cannot sit properly. There are now HCG drops that are just as effective and that are nowhere near as expensive and as difficult to administer. Of course, you still need to know how to find the right products, those that work and that will be effective for you.

The next mistake that people do is set goals that are unrealistic. We are not saying that there is something wrong with ambition, but if you set your goals too high at first and you do not hit your targets, you might feel discouraged and stop dieting altogether. It is better to set a realistic goal that you will get to and that will motivate you to go further and lose even more weight.

hcg-13There are also many people who believe that the HCG diet is not that strict and that when they say that you should eat only 700 calories a day, for example, they mean that you can eat 850 and no one will be any wiser. That is just not right. You have to stick to the recommended program to the T or otherwise you will be wasting your time and your money.

The final mistake and perhaps even the most common is the one where people eat the same thing day after day after day. If you ate your favorite food every day of your life, you would get tired of it. There are so many foods out there that you can prepare and enjoy that there is no reason you should eat the same dish twice during your HCG diet, not every day. You can find these recipes easily online and you can have feasts while still sticking to your HCG diet.