hcg-20Question 1: What kind of results can I expect and when?

Answer 1: It is almost impossible for us to give you an answer that will be 100% correct here. First of all, there are a lot of diets and a lot of products out there, some more and some less effective. There are also more limiting and less limiting HCG diets. There are also other factors that can contribute to this. For example, your genetic makeup will be a huge part of this, the length of your diet and so on. The results are never absent, however and everyone who has completed at least a 20-day HCG diet has reported that they have lost significant excess weight.

Question 2:  Is an HCG diet safe?

Answer 2: Yes it is if you do things properly. No one is trying to endanger anyone’s health here. All of the diets are designed so that they are compatible with the products in mind and they are all designed in such a way so as not to be a burden on the system. You have to stick with the recommendations and you will be losing your weight safely and without any side effects.

Question 3: Do I have to exercise with an HCG diet?

Answer 3: No, you do not. Moreover, strenuous exercise is discouraged with the HCG diet. HCG diets are very limiting in calorie intake and the energy that you get from burning of the fats ihcg-19n your body is not explosive enough for strenuous exercise. You can, however, walk or do yoga. These are perfect adjuncts to the dieting.

Question 4: Will I put on the weight back after the diet is completed?

Answer 4: In general, no. People who have undergone the entire HCG diet process will have developed different associations with food and they will not go back to their old eating habits that lead them to becoming overweight in the first place. After an HCG diet, food becomes something that you do to stay healthy. You will have no troubles maintaining your weight after your diet is completed.

Question 5: How many times can I go on an HCG diet?

Answer 5: Most experts will tell you that you should not undergo the diet more than 4 times in your life. The good news is that there is no need for more than this. In fact, for most people, one HCG diet is enough to change their entire lives.