HCG diets and working out

hcg-8For many people who intend to lose weight and who get really psyched about starting on a weight loss program, it is the working out and the exercises that make them quit. Many people find it not that difficult to cut out some of the calories, but it is the incessant working out and the body-shattering exercises that make them quit or forfeit the idea altogether. And that is not that difficult to understand, especially when you consider how little time we all have and how strenuous some of this exercising can be. Well, an HCG diet is perfect for such people who are not that keen on exercise.

Namely, the HCG diets do not work by causing the burning of calories through exercise. Instead, the HCG diets depend on the low calorie intake and the HCG action to deliver the weight loss through burning of the calories that have accumulated over the years. The exercises are not necessary for the HCG diets and in fact, strenuous exercising is discouraged by the experts in the field of HCG diets.

The HCG diets are somewhat extreme in their nature, with the significantly reduced amounts of calories that you ingest with your food. This may make your physical strength and your stamina a bit weakened and any strenuous exercise can lead to some negative effects. This has to do with the fact that when your body burns calories already in your body for energy, the energy is less rapidly transformed into useable energy that you can use to exercise like a maniac.

On the other hand, light exercise is more than welcome. This can entail a nice walk every day, for example. Every day, after breakfast, you can walk for an hour or so, without stressing yourself too much. This type of exercise is beneficial because you get your circulation and your mood to elevate and you start seeing things much clearer. For some people, a distraction is all they need to stick with their HCG diet and a distraction is a welcome change.

hcg-7One other type of exercise that has been found to be extremely beneficial for an HCG diet is yoga. Yoga is perfect because you do not need too much energy to do it and it still makes your body stronger, more flexible and because it can calm your mind and your psyche significantly. Many people who have problems with their HCG diets find that yoga is that missing link, that peace that they need and require in order to go through their diet without quitting.

You do not even have to make it organized exercises with the HCG diet. For example, when you go to work, park a bit further from the entrance, get a few steps more every day. Do not drive to the mall if you do not need to buy a lot. Go on foot. Do little things that will add up and aid your HCG diet.